For Sale Stunning luxurious private Villa with many facilities € 1.200.000


Alanya / Kargıcak


Sea view

Special production first class 3 layer doors

Indoor and outdoor parking for 4 vehicles

Spacious rooms with dressing rooms

Jacuzzi and bathroom in all rooms

400 m2 private garden




Massage Room

Wine cellar




4 stop elevator


Mitsubishi central air conditioner

Jacuzzi on the terrace for 6 people

L-shaped swimming pool with jacuzzi

Picture of a treasure chest and money on the bottom of the pool

Security cameras


Equity partner wanted for state of the art Hospital Project in Deharadun (India near Delhi)

We are looking for a equity partner

New to build medical center on more than 2.500 acres.

Medicity is a very unique medical infrastructure being developed by a team of professionals

2000 hospital beds and medical university with international collaboration. On completion generating 110 million dollars net per annum. 4000 senior citizen homes on completion will create a cash surplus of 1.5 billion dollars . The teak tree plantation will generate 40 millions tax free revenue.

The commercial district, golfclub, amusement park and recreation center, organic food park will generate another billion.

Total project cost is 3 billion USD

A clean 28 to 32 percent.

This is one of the best investment opportunity with big return on the investment.

The investors can even have a pre negotiated price band exit options on 3,5 or seven years.

Investment 600 million USD

Investors, contact us at

Kantoorpand te Almere

ca. 1.100m2 VVO
23 parkeerplaatsen
Perceel ca. 1.600m2
Bouwjaar 1992
Nabij treinstation en winkelcentrum (250m)
Verhuurd aan medisch centrum
​Recent gerenoveerd (ca. 180k, o.a. nieuwe vloeren, nieuwe entree)


​ 31-12- 2027
Begane grond circa 488 m² 
Eerste verdieping circa 451 m² 
Tweede verdieping circa 161 m² 
Totaal circa 1.100 m² 


​ € 105​.000​,-
​Gesloten verkoop obv indicatieve bieding

Great invest in Florida, high return

New build houses, villas from $ 450,000.00 USD

Luxury villas build on Golden Oak Resort (Walt Disney Resort)    from $ 6,995,000.00  + 3% commission

High return



Orlando – Florida – USA

4-12 rooms/baths holiday homes new to build                       $                     450.000 –

$ 850.000 + 3% commission

Purpose renting out totally 1031 homes – high return




Villas Golden Oak resort (Walt Disney resort)                               $      850,000.00-

$ 4,000,000 + 3% commission

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