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Bed & Breakfast Romania € 375.000 (2 houses)

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These 2 beautiful rustic rest home (bed and breakfast houses) are built in a high touristic mountain area near Brasov, Romania and are for sale including the land around. Mention that are also near the Bran Castle (well known as “Dracula” Castle).

The owner mention that those 2 houses are on profit as touristic business and have a long list of guests.

  • The property is located in Predelut village (GPS coordinates 45° 32′ North, 25° 20′ East), 2 km far away Bran Castle- and 30 km far away of Brasov city- by road.
  • The property consists of 2 x identical bed & breakfast houses and 1,500 sqm land area:

  • 2 x identical bed & breakfast houses
  • Each house is fully furnished
  • Each house has wood parquet floor inside rooms
  • Each house has double system Frinking water supply:
    • Communal drinking water network, and
    • Fountain with water-hydrophore

  • Each house own heating system supply:
    • Gas boiler for heating, and
    • Terracotta Heating Stove


  • Each house own hot water system supply:
    • Gas boiler for hot water production, and
    • Electric boiler for hot water production

Each house consists of:

  • Sole footprint ground / house: 60 sqm
  • Semi-basement built with reinforced concrete
  • Entresol / ground-floor built with timber wood, consists of:
    • Living room: app. 30 sqm
    • Kitchen
    • Hall
    • Bathroom
    • Terrace (external): 30 sqm

  • First floor – as living attic
  • Attic – covered with ceramic tiles

  • Total land area: 1,500 sqm


  • More than 80 pcs. of fir trees and 30 pcs. of fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry, sour-cherry, black cherry, plum) grow on this land


  • Other:


  • Yard gazebo
  • Yard barbeque wood fire
  • 5 pcs. of septic tanks


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