Borgo Hedone – Sicily

Welcome to Borgo Hedone

In the heart of the Mediterranean there’s a small town, heritage of UNESCO; Scicli, shaped by the history as a blend of art and culture, a city that pulsates with human warmth typical for these areas, known for its lively context of art and culture and its location close to the most beautiful Sicilian beaches.
A town in which flavors and smells confuse the senses while finding yourself immersed in the atmosphere that only Sicily can offer.
In this frame, and only here, could soar Borgo Hedone, which with its unique composition dominates the whole village.
Borgo Hedone offers a different and immersive experience, neither a hotel nor a vacation home, but a personal experience in which the guest has access to the entire structure and enjoy the privacy as used to have at home. The picturesque village has an ancient Sicilian palace of the eighteenth century and was included in 2010 in the prestigious Sunday Times 100 best hotels in the world. This experience can be enriched by a, massage therapists, beautician and much more. Borgo Hedone skillfully blends a Provencal, baroque and modern style, but with a different and original solution for every room, where the study of the furniture and high-quality materials make it something unique. The village also has new rooms harmoniously integrated into the rock of the ancient caves of Chiafura. Possibility to book only one or more of the mini apartments, also with kitchen, which are part of the structure.

Whatever your needs are, do not hesitate to contact us, we will find the right solution for your desires.
Borgo Hedone, your personal luxury resort.